Why It Works

“It’s Science”

Humans are programmed to notice Glow In the Dark and Flashing Lights

As humans it is in our DNA to notice objects that are glowing, flashing or blinking. Whether we notice a slot machine in Las Vegas, a traffic signal, or an airplane runway at night there are examples of lit up objects everywhere in our environment. Islands in the middle of the ocean have a light house to alert captains when they pass at night. We are grateful for lights along an airport runway when we are taxiing, taking off and landing in an airplane. Without our traffic lights capturing driver attention we would have big problems.  For as long as there have been humans, when a light flashes, humans will notice. A big reason the Glow Machine Series is a top performer is the science that supports human reaction to lights flashing. With over 150+ LED’s lit up and flashing 24/7 (so long as the machine is plugged in) the machines were designed with the objective to ignite the same reaction to flashing lights that humans have always exhibited.

Intelligent Merchandising= Maximize Revenue

Who are the Best Sales People on earth?

Children to their parents. The power of persuasion that children put forth to their parents is unparalleled anywhere else in commerce. This fact is evident by the ever increasing toy, game and candy industries.

Toys- $22 Billion Dollar industry
Games- $21 Billion Dollar Industry
Candy- $33 Billion Dollar Industry

There are many different groups of profile customers you could position yourself to sell to but there are not many that can challenge the buying power that children control.