Vtail Premium Prizes

Glow in the Dark and Light Up merchandise is currently one of the most popular toy and prize categories in the country and has been at the top of growing categories for over 40 years. Disney, Main Event, Dave & Busters, Buffalo Wild Wings and the top family fun brands in the country include the same merchandise sales as a part of their total business revenue.

Vtail machines sell premium light up and glow in the dark merchandise to your clients so you can enjoy instant passive income. Recently multiple entrepreneurs have received multi million dollar valuations for their Glow in the Dark and LED ornamental designed products on the popular TV show Shark Tank.

  • Vtail specializes in the sale of premium prizes and toys to the kids and families that visit Denny’s locations.
  • Vtail regularly creates and offers exclusive New Prize Mixes for your machines that include the hottest selling toy and prize categories so that your machines look attractive to your customers easily by early updating the mixes sold in your machine without buying more equipment.
  • Vtail’s products generate instant cash flow and locations keep 100% of the profits.
  • Vtail machines are MADE IN THE USA out of heavy duty cold rolled steel construction to be built like a tank so that they can be selling product in your locations for the next 10+ years.