Primo Prize Machine

PRIMO Prize Machine

First of its kind premium prize merchandiser.



per month*

OAC. Subject to partner terms. Contact Sales for exact payments.
Minimum 620 FICO score, In business 2+ years, No major credit issues in last 2 years.


BRAND NEW!!!! PRIMO Prize Machine™ – First of its kind premium prize merchandiser. Specialized PRIMO prize mixes for your new PRIMO machine focus on the sale of small electronics, premium toys, plush, games, apparel, collectables, including the latest and greatest in the prize and toy worlds. The PRIMO machine is made to fit perfectly next to your other Vtail machines.

1.)Wired to instantly run Vtail’s proprietary ANIMATED DISPLAY BOARDS, setting your prizes in motion on the plug and play display board capturing customer attention and increasing location sales.

2.) The “PRIMO” has a footprint of approximately 1 sq ft. Runs on a standard 110volt power source.

3.) Designed to supplant the ubiquitous and out dated $.25 and $.50 “quarter turners”. Enhanced prize value+ increased price point= Increased sales and 1000%+ increase in profits. Make money in dollar bills vs. cents.

3.) Premium prizes suggested sale price is $2 -$3 per prize(depending on location details). Your markup-+/- 300%

3.) Built in High Definition Video Monitor broadcasts “eye candy” including various “BUY NOW” messaging to end users compelling a purchase.

4.) Video Monitors showcase prizes that are available instantly out of the machine as well as Vtail’s award winning technology-Web Vend Technology™. Web Vend Technology (WVT)is an included feature that rewards clients and end users with additional high-end prizes shipped to the customer directly by Vtail. WVT generates valuable marketing information for the location/machine owner. Ask your Vtail representative for details about WVT.

5.) MADE IN THE USA. “Bumper-to-Bumper” warranty. Free tech support. Ask your Vtail representative for details.


Animated Display Boards

Wired to instantly run Vtail’s proprietary ANIMATED DISPLAY BOARDS, setting your prizes in motion on the plug and play display board capturing customer attention and increasing location sales.

Winner Every Time

With the machine’s Winner Every Time technology your entire inventory sells at the same pace assuring 100% sell through

Made In The USA

Quality is paramount at Vtail. We have strict quality control measures that every machine goes through before it is ready to ship to a customer.

Highest ROI In 1 Square Feet

While only using 1 square feet the Primo Machine has got tremendous presence that grabs a lot of attention on location. VTail’s highest ROI machine.

Model Includes

  • Pyramid bill acceptors
  • HD Video monitors
  • Looped Video
  • Locking Casters
  • 14 Guage, Heavy Cold Rolled Steel Cabinets
  • 110V
  • WebVend Technology (TM)
  • Made in the USA

Optional Features

  • Custom video with your logo/brand
  • Credit card readers
  • Redemption card readers
  • Token acceptors
  • Ticket dispensers
  • 220V
  • Customizable vend price

How do I pay for my equipment purchase in monthly payments (vs cash or credit card)?

Vtail partners with 3rd party finance companies to allow our customers additional payment options. All payment plans are OAC and subject to the terms and conditions established by the 3rd party finance partner.

How long does it take to receive product refills?

Delivery time for product refill orders can vary depending on which refills are being ordered and where the product refills are being shipped. Please contact Vtail’s shipping department or your Account Manager for shipping updates.

How long does it take to receive my machine?

Delivery time for your new equipment can vary depending on the equipment selected, where your equipment is being shipped,and any other special options. Our equipment is made in the USA with attention to detail and quality being paramount. If you have any questions about delivery please contact Vtail Sales.

What is Buyer’s Club?

The Buyer’s Club is a voluntary club that allows customers free displays and discounts on product. Current promotions provide customers with 450 prizes at no charge when a customer enrolls in the Buyer’s Club. Ask your Account Manager for details on joining the Buyer’s Club.

How do I get tech support?

If you require any tech support for Vtail equipment please contact Vtail’s production team. Vtail’s equipment is made in the USA. If you need any assistance with your equipment you can speak with a team member that participated in building your equipment.

Where can I see Vtail equipment in person?

Vtail works with location partners all over the world. Contact Vtail Sales to see if there is a location near you.

Does my equipment come with a warranty?

Yes. All new Vtail equipment come with a comprehensive warranty. See Vtail Terms Of Sale for details.