• “If you are interested in adding a piece of equipment to your route with a less than one-year ROI, then look into Vtail. They have a unique Capsule LED light-up vendor. With the legality of our typical prize machines being challenged more and more, I feel this is a great replacement at a much lower operating cost.”
    Lou M
    Route Operator, PA
  • “I have also had great success with Vtails Web Glow and Lumini machines. There is nothing else out there like these machines and I personally think it’s a no brainer to try them. I have placed these machines in many family oriented locations and have had great success generating new profits.”
    Doug D
    Route Operator, IN
  • “We started with 1 Glow Smiles Machine at one office. It was such a hit that we decided to get them for our other offices. My staff and I really like the look of the machine, the videos, and the prizes but most importantly- so do our patients and their families!”
    Dr Michele S.
    Pediatric Location, NY
  • “The hottest machine in years”
    Brian G – Seminar Speaker
    National Bulk Vending Association
  • “My machine did $1500 in 2 weeks so I added a machine in 2 more of our centers.”
    John S
    Bowling Center, IL
  • “We made almost $1400 within the first 2 weeks of having our machine.”
    Jim W
    Bowling Center, CA
  • “My machine made $3000 in 3 weeks! The Mammoth team had the best service”
    Mike J
    Skating Rink, CA
  • “I sold 900 pieces ($2700) in the first week”
    Rose C
    Skating Rink, AR
  • “We did $600 in the first 2 weeks!”
    Kenny M
    Bowling Center, CA
  • “$600 in 2 nights, I was amazed at the line of kids waiting to buy from the machine. If they didn’t get what they wanted they tried again and again.”
    Jim G
    Drive In Theatre, KS
  • “$732 in my first 3 weeks of my SLOW season. I’m ecstatic about these results and can’t wait until we see the real potential when season hits”
    Bob H.
    Bowling Center, MI
  • “I had $800 in sales in our first night with the machine!”
    David S
    Bowling Center, TN
  • “We did $1000 out of the machine in the first 10 days and we were slow!”
    Greg L
    Bowling Center, WI
  • “I made $1440 out of my glow machine in my first 4 days!”
    Chris C
    Bowl Center, AK
  • We did just over $500 in the first 3 days with our glow machine! After the first 14 days the glow machine made more than my 9 other machines combined!”
    Jeff M
    FEC, NC
  • “I did $275 in 2 days without having any regular league bowlers. My season was already over and I did this well.”
    Linda R
    Bowling Center, OH